Apply advanced drones powered by Li-Metal batteriesto protect our humanity and environment
Making the World a Better Place with Li-Metal Batteries
SES AI, a cutting-edge Li-Metal battery developer, is powering a new era in electric transportation both on land and in the air. The capabilities of our Li-Metal batteries and drones powered by them are truly amazing. We want to use this capability to preserve our nature, environment and humanity. Starting this year, SES officially launched the initiative “SES cares”.

We welcome you to join us by submitting your ideas.
Our Drone Story
Contest Overview
Contest Subject ?
Propose an idea that uses drones equipped with SES AI batteries to contribute toward a sustainable future
Who can apply ?
Anyone dreaming of a better future and creative ideas.
Contest Timeline
Step 1
Application Submission
2024. 1. 30 ~ 4. 30
Step 2
Submission Review
2024. 5. 1 ~ 5. 31
Step 3
Presentation by 5 Finalists
2024. 6. 1 ~ 6. 30
Step 4
Announcement of Final Winner
the first week of july
What kind of drones will be used in the actual execution of the project?
What would be the rough specs of the drones?
What are lithium metal batteries, and how safe are they in drone use?
What criteria are used to evaluate ideas?
Do you accept submissions for applications that do not pertain to delivery and filming so long as entries still align with the ESG mission?
How detailed do I need to be in my proposal?
Are group submissions accepted?
Can I edit my application before the final deadline?
Can I submit relevant illustrations in addition to the submission essay?
Can I submit my essay/application in another language?
How will I be notified that my application has been chosen as a finalist or winner?
Who is SES AI?
Uploads are limited to doc, ppt, and pdf files of less than 10M
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